In a world where elegance reflects your essence, My Mō Gioielli is the creator of your unique splendor. Each jewel, expertly sculpted, is an ode to your individuality. If it shines, it is My Mō Gioielli: the emblem of your inner light that manifests itself in every sparkling detail. Enter our world, where elegance becomes an affirmation of yourself, and each jewel is a luminous testimony of your timeless beauty.

We believe that each individual carries within them a beautiful narrative desire to share and a distinct essence that longs to be expressed. Since 2018 we have been creating jewelery as meaningful, unique and magnificent as the people who wear it.

Celebrate life's most important moments with My Mō.

Where it all began

We were born in 2018 as a jewelry brand with European roots, but with ambitions that extend far beyond the borders of our continent. Our story begins with a social community of over 50k passionate followers, and since then we have seen constant and exciting growth.

Our brand, My Mō Gioielli, was founded with the aim of capturing special moments through personalized and unique jewellery. Despite our recent origins, our commitment and relentless determination have guided us in shaping who we are today.

My Mō Gioielli has become a recognized European jewelery brand, with a growing customer base of over 50k satisfied followers. Proudly, the majority of us are women, bringing a wealth of perspective and creativity to our company.

For everyone, for every occasion

My Mō Gioielli jewels are designed to be personalized according to your uniqueness. We want you to embrace our creations as an integral part of yourself. Whether it's a necklace with your name to express your identity or a personalized gift engraved with the names of your loved ones, we offer something truly special for everyone. The concept of “Meaningful” is not a fad: it is a philosophy that stands the test of time. Our jewelry is versatile, timeless and designed to last.

With a commitment to fair pricing, our mission is to make fine, unique jewelry accessible to all, so everyone can celebrate their individuality with uncompromising style and quality.

Craftsmanship quality

We are extremely proud of the fact that at My Mō Gioielli every piece is the result of the mastery of our exceptional team of artisans. Our dedication to artisanal perfection gives us the creative freedom needed to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Each creation is lovingly handcrafted, using only the highest quality cubic zirconia, set in precious metals such as 18kt gold and 925 silver. Our stones, sourced ethically and sustainably, reflect our commitment to responsible production. With My Mō Gioielli, every creation is a statement of style and sustainability.


Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do. Your stories are a source of inspiration and your passion moves us. Celebrating your special moments and fostering a sense of community are our top priority. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey by following us on social media, sharing your photos and subscribing to our newsletters.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. We are here for you, eager to make your trip with My Mō Gioielli an unforgettable experience.